Now a days you all heard the word Viral marketing. Like some video is viral or Product ad or infographic is viral on the many websites or tv channels or in newspapers No matter what is the medium, Its spread like a virus. Maybe there for its called viral.

Viral marketing

Now Let’s see technical definition of viral marketing.

Viral marketing or viral advertising is a business strategy that uses existing social networks to promote a product. Its name refers to how consumers spread information about a product with other people in their social networks, much in the same way that a virus spreads from one person to another.

How Viral marketing can help in business?

The purpose of Viral Marketing is to entice customers with a product or service that you can give them for a trial period or for free altogether. The attraction to the customer is that there are no strings attached. However, before the customers can use the free product or service, they have to sign up through your website.

Now, you have a win-win situation. The customer is now able to use the product and you have generated a new lead for your business. Your list of leads sends messages to people who have experienced your product and will be able to tell their friends about it. Subsequently, those friends will tell other friends about your products and services.

If your customers have had a positive experience with your products and services, most likely, they will become loyal customers who keep returning to you in addition to bringing in more prospects.

Excellent way to do viral marketing is Create videos:

A video can make your viewers engage in your product and experience.
If you add a video on YouTube or Dailymotion, then you can share that video with your friends. If they find it interesting and useful they will share it as well.
Eventually, the video becomes popular, it can end up spreading all over the internet. Moreover, if your video is really interesting then people will embed your video on their websites or blogs.

As a result, people will not only watch your video from video sharing platforms but also they will see your video on different websites. This will make it even more popular.
The thumb rule for making a video viral is the more shocking, memorable or funny your video is, the more likely it is to go viral.

You can also Hire someone for doing a viral marketing for your product or the content

Check the link below there are many marketing experts who work in Fiverr.

viral marketing

What to consider, When you try to make your video viral ?

Make your video shorter

The first thing people do when they play a video is checking to see how long it is. It helps them decide whether to watch it. 10 minutes: forget it. 2 minutes:I’ll give it a shot. 30 seconds: Heck, might as well.

Make your video as short as possible while still keeping the heart of the story. The editor and I literally spent hours shaving off seconds to get the video down to 1 minute 51 seconds.

None of this matters if your video isn’t good

You can get your friends to share. But only the strength of the content can get their friends to share. If you are serious about making good content.

Why will people share your video? People share things when they feel emotion. What emotion will your viewers feel?

Tell a story

I’m a decent dancer for a year of practice but I’m nothing compared to the pros. There are thousands of dancers way more talented whose videos didn’t go viral.

Girl Learns to Dance in a Year went viral because it wasn’t just another dance video with cool moves and cool camera angles. It wasn’t about how good the dancing was. It was about how awkward I was when I started, and how I got better with practice.

And it’s not just a story about dancing. It’s about having a dream and not knowing how to get there .

Reward your customers with your product

My favorite example of this right now is Pepsi’s #FutbolNow campaign. They have installed video games into the front of their machines. The game is a soccer challenge that tracks your real movements and judges how well you can juggle a soccer ball.

You are rewarded with a free Pepsi if you reach a certain score. What’s the cost of a few cans of Pepsi next to drawing constant attention to your machine?

Let’s see Best Example of this.

Hotmail Example

The classic example of viral marketing is Hotmail, one of the first free web-based email services. The strategy is simple.

Give away free email addresses and services.
Attach a simple tag at the bottom of every free message sent out: “Get your private, free email at”
Then stand back while people email to their own network of friends and associates.
Those friends and associates see the message.
They sign up for their own free email service.
Thus, they propel the message still wider to their ever-increasing circles of friends and associates.
Like tiny waves spreading ever farther from a single pebble dropped into a pond, a carefully designed viral marketing strategy ripples outward extremely rapidly.

Another way to do viral marketing is Infographic:

NOW the question is: How do I create my own infographic for viral marketing if I don’t have any design experience?

bit tricky right? because the design of your infographic will make a huge difference to how successful it is.

But, Here is the Help:

Canva – This is a free image editing tool used by millions of people. It’s easy to use and has pre-loaded graphics. Most graphics are free but you can buy others. Inside you’ll find all sorts of design templates which includes infographics. Inside the infographic template, you can pick out pre-made layouts and adjust them however you like.

Piktochart – This is another free tool. I haven’t used it as much as Canva but it’s also easy to use and comes with pre-loaded graphics. You’ll get pre-loaded templates and you can upgrade to a paid account for extra features and premium templates.

Fiverr – Sometimes it’s more effective to outsource the design of your infographic. Fiverr is a low-cost option, but be prepared to spend more than 5$ to get a decent infographic. Be careful when searching for an infographic designer here, as with a lot of gigs, you have to search for a while to find the right supplier. You might just find a diamond in the rough.

PeoplePerHour – This is another site you can use to find designers. It’s a lot more expensive than Fiverr, but because you pay more, you’re likely to get better work. Still, it’s always possible to find designers that do poor work, so be sure to check out reviews and samples. The site is based around a pay per hour model, but if you check out the “hourlies” you’ll find designers that provide infographics at a one-off cost.

How can your infographic is going Viral?

The infographic above covers factors that are more quantifiable but what else can you do to move the needle and increase your chances of going viral?

Choose the right topic – This can make or break any infographic. If people just aren’t interested in a particular topic, your infographic could fall on its face. Think about what resonates best with your audience, what’s trending at the time, hot-button topics, or which topics you know go down well.

Topics that have the possibility to elicit an emotional reaction have the potential to work very well.

Influencers – Crafting an infographic around influential people in your niche can work well.

When an influencer is featured alongside other big names, they’ll be more likely to share your content.

Smart promotion – There are plenty of ways to promote your infographic, but one that works incredibly well is blogger outreach. The idea is that you find bloggers in your niche and invite them to publish your infographic on their blog. This works best if you go for bloggers who you know already publish infographics.

Take it a step further by offering to write an intro along with the infographic.

Repurpose existing content – What happens when you’re stuck for ideas? You’ve got plenty of content on your blog already, so how about turning one of your existing posts into an infographic?

Remember :

There’s no magic button that’ll make your infographic go viral.
And the truth is that some may not go viral at all.

But using the tips listed above, you will maximize your chances that your next infographic will grow your audience.

Our Next method to do viral marketing is via Display ads:

If you’re looking to make your content viral through advertising, there are a number of different opportunities out there. If selling direct to advertisers is neither practical nor possible at present, utilizing an ad network to fill your inventory is likely the most effective alternative.

The hard part, of course, is knowing which ad network will be the best fit for monetizing your website, blog, app, or another Web-based asset; for most publishers, there are dozens of networks that would love to have your business.

The King of Display: Google AdSense

AdSense-FinalGoogle’s AdSense is one of the largest and perhaps the best-known display advertising network. This platform allows publishers to monetize standard display ads, mobile and video, and search results as well.

It’s free to sign up for AdSense and the program will accept the smallest of publishers provided they meet certain quality guidelines. AdSense also integrates smoothly into other Google products (such as DFP) and generally pays publishers monthly for revenue generated the previous month.

Google AdSense 300×250 ad unit
Example of Google AdSense 300×250 ad unit

Google AdSense at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
Ad Types: Display, Video
Offer Types: CPC
Payment Methods: Check, EFT, Rapida, Western Union
Payment Threshold: $100
Payment Terms: Net-30
More Info: Read MonetizePros’ in-depth review of Google AdSense.


This network of premium publishers currently consists of about 1,000 high profile publishers. Adblade offers its publishers an opportunity to fill IAB standard ad units (such as the 300×250 rectangle or 728×90 leaderboard) as well as a proprietary “NewsBullet” unit designed to increase engagement and CPMs.

For smaller publishers, Adblade won’t be much use. This network accepts only ultra-premium (i.e., really large) publishers; Fox News, Daily News, and the McClatchy properties are among those that make the cut.

Adblade NewsBullets unit
Example of Adblade NewsBullets unit

Adblade at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: 500,000 monthly pageviews
Ad Types: Display
Offer Types: CPC, CPM
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal
Payment Threshold: $100
Payment Terms: Net-30
More Info: Read MonetizePros’ in-depth review of Adblade.

Advertising-FinalThis network, a unit of AOL, is one of the largest out there with nearly 2 billion impressions monetized daily. offers opportunities for publishers to monetize display ads, video, mobile, and some custom implementations as well.

This network now offers Display University, an online educational resource for publishers and advertisers looking to learn more about display ads, the process of building a campaign, and executing on creative. 300×250 ad unit
Example of 300×250 ad unit at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
Ad Types: Display
Offer Types: CPA, CPC, CPM, Revenue Share
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal
Payment Threshold: $25
Payment Terms: Net-30


Chitika-FinalChitika boasts a network of more than 300,000 publishers, making it one of the largest networks in the world based on that metric. Chitika ads can be used on their own, or alongside ads from other networks (such as AdSense).

Chitika is also open to just about anyone, and the process for getting approval and ad implementation is generally very fast. Chitika has been a popular alternative for advertisers unable to use or frustrated with AdSense, with great results in certain niches and less impressive earnings capabilities in others.

Chitika Inline Text Link ad unit
Example of Chitika Inline Text Link ad unit

Chitika at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
Ad Types: Display, Inline Text
Offer Types: CPC
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal
Payment Threshold: $10
Payment Terms: Net-30


Clicksor-FinalClicksor had a lot of trouble a few years back with malware but in 2016 they’re one of the best ad networks on the market again. They’ve dealt with their issues, learned from them and are stronger than ever.

InfolinksInfolinks has experienced a quick growth to become one of the top players in in-text advertising. Signup is quick and approval is granted to usually granted to even the smaller Web publishers and bloggers.

Infolinks offers a number of ways to deliver their ad units: inText double underlines valuable keywords, and when a user hovers over one of them, a relevant ad will appear; inFrame monetizes the unused screen margins on either side of a site’s design with contextual banner ads; inSearch only monetizes search traffic, without disturbing a site’s regular visitors; and inTag places a link unit within a webpage’s content with valuable contextual keywords.

Infolinks inText ad unit
Example of Infolinks inText ad unit

Infolinks at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
Ad Types: Display, Inline Text
Offer Types: CPC
Payment Methods: ACH Transfer, eCheck, Payoneer, Paypal, Western Union
Payment Threshold: $50
Payment Terms: Net-45

Media.netThis platform can be used by publishers to serve contextual ads from the Yahoo! Bing Network, which offers up a large pool of national and local advertisers.

The platform allows advertisers to pick from about 15 different ad sizes (including a few non-standard ones) and customize each placement. There’s also an option to build ads from scratch, allowing more advanced users to come up with an implementation that works best with their site layout. 300×250 ad unit at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
Ad Types: Display
Offer Types: CPC
Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer
Payment Threshold: $100
Payment Terms: Net-30


PulsePointMore than 1 billion real-time ad transactions are processed each day through PulsePoint, which is the result of a merger between ContextWeb and Datran Media. PulsePoint is a bit unique; it’s an ad exchange that allows publishers to set an “ask price” for their inventory. That allows publishers to effectively set a minimum CPM they’re willing to accept; if PulsePoint is able to find buyers for the inventory at that level, publishers will receive 100% of their desired revenue level.

PulsePoint also offers a multi-channel marketing solution designed to help publishers expose new users to their content.

PulsePoint 300×250 ad unit
Example of PulsePoint 300×250 ad unit

PulsePoint at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
Ad Types: Display
Offer Types: CPM
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal
Payment Threshold: $50
Payment Terms: Net-30

Tribal Fusion

Tribal FusionThis platform has the ability to reach more than 430 million people worldwide each month, which represents a substantial portion of the overall Internet audience. Qualified publishers are able to run in-text advertising, lead generation portals, and other monetization opportunities through Tribal Fusion.

Tribal Fusion accepts only publishers that have at least 500,000 unique users per month, so this network won’t be all that useful for smaller sites.

Tribal Fusion Firefly Video ad unit
Example of Tribal Fusion Firefly Video ad unit

Tribal Fusion at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: 500,000 monthly uniques
Ad Types: Display, Video
Offer Types: CPE, CPM
Payment Methods: Check
Payment Threshold: $50
Payment Terms: Net-45

Vibrant Media

Vibrant MediaVibrant Media is best known for their text ads that allow publishers to create incremental monetization opportunities within content. (Here’s an example of their technology.) In addition to the in-text advertising opportunities, Vibrant also offers traditional display advertising opportunities for publishers now.

Vibrant’s roster of display advertising clients and partners is much smaller than many of the other networks on this list, but nevertheless offers publishers another option for display ad monetization.

Vibrant Media In-Text ad unit
Example of Vibrant Media Inline Text ad unit

Vibrant Media at a Glance
Publisher Traffic Requirement: 500,000 monthly pageviews
Ad Types: Inline Text
Offer Types: CPC, CPM, CPV
Payment Methods: ACH Transfer, Check, Wire Transfer
Payment Threshold: $5
Payment Terms: Net-45



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