In these days, I have seen many Groups on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram about Carding products.

They are selling carding products In 10% or even less of the price of the actual products.

I Request you to all, Do Not believe in these groups or any individual Who says you I will give you iPhone-X in 1000 Rs Or 2000 Rs. Not only iPhone they offer you anything like Canon mark 5D, Oneplus 6t, Macbook air and many more. Otherwise, You lost your hard earned money.

I have seen many people are ripped off, Who complaining on youtube and on other forum sites, But my question is that How you can believe you can get 1,00,000 rs product In 1000 or 2000 Rs. These Rippers using this greediness of people and make them fool and trape their money. They mostly target young generation students who ready to pay small amounts for mobile, laptops and DSLR.

There are many Groups are available Like Carding_Products, Carding ka Bapp, Tufani Carder, Professional_Carder, Carder_no_1 Etc. There more then 1000 of them.

Let me Explain How they trape people.

First of all, they say to you they are hackers and they can able to hack credit cards of foreign countries like the UK, US and pay via them for your product. So you will get those products at a very cheap price.

They also offer you the product delivery from the, Or And then they showing you proofs of purchases to get your trust and convince you to pay In advance.

Please, guys, do not trust any of these losers ever and pay.

Check this below conversation, for example, when I said to him send product over cash on delivery then he totally refuse and ask for full advance payment. They also make his channel full secure via encryption chat conversation so you can not able to track him, also they don’t allow to take a screenshot, so I need to take a photo of it.
You can see after my last message he blocked me and immediately cancel secret chat HAHAha..

Here Are The list of some groups and channels, Please don’t buy anything from these below listed as they are biggest rippers, You are gonna ripped once you deal so be Alert.

Thanks For the list to {ARS [Anti Ripping Squad]}

❌❌ @cyberhavoc ❌❌
❌❌ @jeromeabdul ❌❌
❌❌ @dannyoscar ❌❌
❌❌ @samparker ❌❌
❌❌ @Aditeedon ❌❌
❌ ❌@dannyoscar❌❌
❌ @EvilAtom ❌
❌❌ @watchyoback ❌❌
❌❌@Aditeedon ❌
❌Fake @RaajuBhai50❌
❌ @Anonymouss_carder ❌
❌@Android4Hack channel, @Android4Hacker_Bot ❌❌
❌❌Ripper Channel = @cardingspar ❌
❌❌@Blankenship ❌
❌❌@PureCarder ❌
❌❌@ihaveall ❌
❌❌@VijaySinghRathore ❌

If you have any other Rippers name please feel free to sent me in the comment box we will put it in the list and help others.

Thanks for the Reading, Stay alert and stay away from these guys.

  1. @ihaveall

    Also, I have heard about @cbzeee being genuine. Can you confirm it with anti ripping squad? Or something like that?

    1. Yes Michael, He is a ripper. All people who ask advance money most of them are rippers 99% of them.
      @VijaySinghRathore , He is going to tell you he is a custom duty officer haha.

  2. Another ripper everyone should not do business with is @banksters_only (Bankster Loomis), he is a TLO ripper.Do not ever deal with him if you like yourself.Be warned

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